Laser Hair Removal Prices

Be smooth with affordable prices on laser hair removal services in Kansas City! We are transparent with our laser hair removal costs, rates, and pricing so you know what to expect from your visit to Laser Derm Med Spa. We also encourage you to check out our current specials and discounts available to the KC metro as well!

See Our Prices & Rates For Laser Hair Removal in Kansas City and More Below

Laser Hair Removal Prices
Area Price
Ears  $35.00
Lip  $35.00
Chin  $45.00
Lip + Chin  $60.00
Sideburns  $35.00
Entire Lower ½ Face
(includes sideburns, cheeks, lip, chin, jawline, 2″ below jawline)
Front of Neck  $50.00
Back of Neck  $50.00
Shoulders  $60.00
Underarms  $50.00
Areolas  $35.00
Upper Arms (Shoulder to Elbow)  $75.00
Lower Arms (Elbow to Wrist)  $75.00
Full Arms (includes Hands & Fingers)  $120.00
Hands and Fingers  $35.00
Full Chest and Abdomen  $120.00
Chest Only  $75.00
Abdomen Only  $75.00
Full Back  $120.00
Lower Back  $40.00
Buttocks  $50.00
Linea (“Happy Trail”)  $35.00
Partial Bikini  $60.00
Full Bikini (“Brazilian”)  $80.00
Thighs  $90.00
Lower Legs (Knees and Below)  $90.00
Full Legs (includes Feet & Toes)  $140.00
Feet and Toes  $35.00

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